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Important Note for SmartBoard users.
The latest current version of the SmartBoard software is v8. This gives access to a range of additional tools and resources.
If you experience problems with the SmartBoard crashing/freezing while running an older version of the software, the first step should be to download and install the newest versions of the software from
This has been found to correct the vast majority of problems encountered.

Currently there is a minor problem with opening some files direct from the internet site into Notebook (by clicking Open). Instead Save the file to your computer and then open from there.

If you find any other faults please contact
Don't forget to check out the resources on the General page as well.
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Examples Other Weblinks
CAL KS1 templateA template suitable for use in CAL lessons, providing opportunities for Make and Break spelling activities, Look Cover Write Check high frequency words and Sentence level activitiesDownload CAL
Writing frames 1Collection of writing frames suitable for use on whiteboards. These are mainly suitable for non-fiction researching.Download Frames
Spelling ChallengeActivity using coloured backgrounds to hide/reveal phonic patterns or parts of words to teach spelling patterns.
This activity can easily be adapted to teach any phonic/spelling pattern.
Download file
tion or sion???Word extensions... Which ones change to ..tion or ..sion?Download file
LeafletsSATS KS2 revision. What makes a good leaflet - writing for different purposesDownload file
Sets and VennBackgrounds for making Venn diagram or setting activitiesDownload File
PythagorasActivity aimed at teaching Pythagoras TheoremDownload Pythagoras
Maths - variousCollection of Maths activites - Sorting numbers using Venn diagram, Permiter, area and Square numbersDownload Maths
Primary Maths CollectionCollection of Primary Maths resources
100 square activities
Fraction resources (several of these are to provide a source for making your own lessons)
Arrow Cards (Due to technical difficulties with some graphic cards these may not work on some PCs. They will operate as normal on Win XP, on most Win98 PCs the arrow cards become white rectangles but are still usable, however on some PCs the arrow cards become transparent and therefore unusable)
Download 100 square activities

Download Fractions

Download Arrow Cards
Science Investigation PlannerA simple science investigation planning sheet, with results and graph pages.Download Science
PlanetsActivity studying planets in the solar systemDownload Planets
Download Zip
PlantsIntroduction to investigating the effect of light on plant growth. Reinforces common processes for living things, what plants need to grow and looks at what the children might expect to happen to plants in different light conditions.Download Plants
SkeletonWhy do we need a skeleton? Drag labels onto a skeleton, with printable worksheet page.Download Skeleton
Information TechnologyTop
Stuarts - The PlaguePlague activity, looking at living conditions, cures and Stuart doctorsDownload Plague
Stuarts - The Great Fire of LondonGreat Fire of London activities, with information, wordsearch and worksheetsDownload Fire
Land useLocal area land use study. Use an aerial photograph to look at how land is used.
Example using Howardian Centre
Cardiff Bay
Wick (Vale of Glamorgan)
St Hilary (Vale of Glamorgan)
Also take a look at a similar land use activity in the General Activities section

Download LandUse
Download Cardiff Bay
Download Wick
Download St Hilary
Local and Contrasting AreaUse streetmaps and aerial photographs to compare 2 areas (Cardiff Bay, Wick and St Hilary are provided, but with instructions to use different areas). Also can be used for comparing street maps to aerial photographs.Download Local areas
Music paper BackgroundsSelection of music staff backgroundsDownload Music
FoodWelsh vocabulary for foodDownload Food
Y TyWelsh vocabulary for a house - labelling parts of a houseDownload Y Ty
ColoursWelsh vocabulary for coloursDownload Colours
Who ???Famous Welsh People - Gues the person by completing the descriptions.
Cerys Matthews (Catatonia)
Others can be added
Download Pwy Sy Yma
Anifeiliad AnwesWelsh pets KS1 activityDownload Anifeiliaid Anwes
Ar Lan y MorWelsh by the seasideDownload Ar Lan y Mor
Dillad3 clothes activities for KS1Download Dillad
Download Dillad2
Download Dillad_tywydd
Y TywyddThe weather in Wales - and no it's not all about rain!Download Y Tywydd
Ble wyt tin GalluKS2 WelshDownload Ble wyt tin gallu
Croeso i GaerdyddWelcome to Cardiff KS2 WelshDownload Croeso i Gaerdydd
Places of WorshipSeries of activities looking at Mosques, Syangogues and ChurchesDownload file
Download Zip
SIKHISMNotebook file giving information about SikhismDownload file
This section contains notebook files which can be used as page backgrounds. Eg. Handwriting lines, graph papers etc. Several of these are automatically installed with the newer versions of Smart Notebook (ie. those which give access to Templates). They may be used as ordinary Notebook files, or can be saved as Templates for later use.
Grid backgroundsSelection of grids and squared papers as Notebook backgroundsDownload Grids
Handwriting paper backgroundHandwriting paper backgroundDownload Handwriting
Lined paper BackgroundsSelection of lined paper backgroundsDownload Lines
Graph BackgroundsSelection of graph paper backgrounds suitable for Maths, Science and other graphing activitiesDownload Graphs
Clocks backgroundClocks backgrounds template - already part of later versions of notebook softwareClocks download
Dotty BackgroundsSelection of dotty paper backgrounds for Notebook activitiesDownload Dotty papers
Music paper BackgroundsSelection of music staff backgroundsDownload Music
This section contains notebook files which are intended simply to demonstrate some ideas of what can be done using the SmartBoard and to provide a short explanation into how to do it. The activities are not intended to be teaching activities as they stand and only show one or two examples of how different techniques can be used. Other ideas can be found by looking at the teaching activities above.
Broken sentenceThis example shows how a text only activity can be created for the children to drag words into place. See the activity for further details and ideas.Download file
Spelling PatternsAn example activity using coloured backgrounds to hide/reveal phonic patterns or parts of words to teach spelling patterns.Download file
ClozeAn example activity using coloured pens to hide text, labels or numbers which can then be revealed using the rubber tool.Download file
800x600 OutlineA basic 800x600 outline - useful if resources are being prepared on a PC with higher resolution than the projector uses (eg. large screen monitors or newer laptops)Download outline